Do Fries Go With That Molotov Cocktail?

I have not watched “Innocence Of Muslims,” and I’m not gonna go all Yankee or free speech on ya.

One has to give Hollywood (and every other media outlet in a free society) credit for egalitarian offensiveness — a no-holds-barred history of provocation that populates the theatres; a borderless race, color, creed and sex barrage that boosts box office receipts, sells books and music, and boosts ratings.

Perhaps I just don’t, well, “get it.”

When I saw the photo of the Your Religion Here mob parading Chris Stevens’ beaten corpse around like a trophy, I knew I would never “get it,” regardless of whether the senseless death of — by all reports — a beyond remarkable person was motivated by a crappy film, or part of a terrorist plot.

Well, get this:

I don’t agree with every aspect of the hard-line observations, but am certainly able to connect the dots more easily that I can between religious insult and destroying a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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