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Do Fries Go With That Molotov Cocktail?

I have not watched “Innocence Of Muslims,” and I’m not gonna go all Yankee or free speech on ya. One has to give Hollywood (and every other media outlet in a free society) credit for egalitarian offensiveness — a no-holds-barred … Continue reading

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If You Want To Be Real’ Depressed, Read On!

The “Paying To Work For Free” VFX Business Model Read it and weep, and then weep some more…  

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Chuck Grassley’s Latest Gee Willikers

Grassley Holds Domestic Violence Victims Hostage To Lash Out At Gay Victims And Immigrants. Grassley’s always been an astonishing dim-bulb. Do my fellow Iowans keep putting him in office simply to attain visibility? You name it, Grassley’s longstanding, blunderingly outspoken … Continue reading

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